Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching

Have you ever thought “But I didn’t learn math this way!” or “I don’t understand this model/strategy much less why they are asking me to teach it!”The new standards don’t just ask us to teach math differently. They also require us to teach math strategies and models that we were not taught and may not be familiar with.

Teaching mathematics requires teachers to facilitate instruction in ways that empower students to develop a deep understanding of mathematics.Unfortunately, teachers do not always have that “specialized” content knowledge which includes a deeper understanding of the concept as well as knowing and understanding a variety of representations and strategies related to that concept.And, frequently, this specialized knowledge is not something that we, as teachers, have previously learned.

During this series of 6 workshops, we will work together to deepen our own content knowledge and understanding as we continue to explore how we can use tasks, questioning, and evidence to create a shared vision of classrooms where students are engaged in meaningful mathematics experiences.

Be sure and bring your teacher materials - you will be provided time to infuse this process and related understanding and strategies into your curriculum.As always, participants are welcome to attend all, a few, or even just one session.Have fun with us as we collaborate on ways to deepen students’ mathematical abilities.

Please see the Elementary School Flyer and the Secondary School Flyer for more information on workshop content.

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Six Sessions:


8:30AM – 4:00PM (lunch & light snacks will be provided)


Sacramento City College Davis; 1720 Jade Street, Davis, CA 95616

CEU Options: The below options are TENTATIVE and may be subject to change.

If you attend 3 sessions, you can apply for 2 CEU's

If you attend 5 sessions, you can apply for 3 CEU's

If you attend all 6 sessions, you can apply for 4 CEU's