The UC Davis Mathematics Project (UCDMP) is devoted to the improvement of mathematics education. We provide professional development in math education for K-12 teachers. Programs are standards-based and are focused on improving mathematics achievement for all teachers and students.

The UC Davis Mathematics Project staff, teacher-leaders, and consultants are positioned to provide ongoing, research-based professional development programs in mathematics for teachers in grades K-12. These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of schools and districts.

Contact Director Pam Hutchison by email at or by cell phone at (707) 235-4747, or Associate Director Diana Zaragoza at or by cell at (530) 204-7716 to discuss how UCDMP can assist your staff in the K-12 math education at your site.

Schools and districts can access many funding sources to support math professional development, including II/USP, High Priority School grants and No Child Left Behind.